Jerome Gilmer


Jerome Gilmer is an eight time Emmy Award winning composer, producer and pianist living in Denver, Colorado.  He has written and produced hundreds of original musical works for film, video and records, for many of the largest (and smallest) businesses in the US and internationally.

Gilmer has lived and worked in Denver since 1976. He funded his move to Denver with money earned working on the Steven Spielberg movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” on which he helped create special musically coordinated lighting effects for the final scenes.  Since settling in Colorado, his music has been heard in markets across the country and internationally. His song, “This Is Colorado,” was for many years a staple in the state’s school music programs. His work for KCNC-TV helped the station forge an image as a leading news channel.

He was musical director for the Inaugural Gala of Denver’s Pepsi Center, featuring the Arapahoe Community Orchestra, jazz recording artists Dotsero, the Eternal Life Singers and an aerial ballet by Debra Brown, choreographer for Cirque du Soliel.  He composed and produced theme packages for the Colorado Rockies and the Denver Nuggets.. When the state bid for the Winter Olympics and later hosted the Olympic Festival, when it introduced the new convention center and the new international airport, Gilmer’s works were prominent in the presentations. In 1992 he composed and produced the soundtrack “Iceberg,” for a Storage Technology Corporation product launch, traveling to London to conduct and record the world renowned film orchestra, “Sinfonia of London” at CTS Studios, the second largest recording studio in the United Kingdom.  In 1998 his work was featured in both the Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, and the Goodwill Games in the US.  He produced a theme for the BBC’s “Summer Sunday” series and his theme and underscore for NBC’s award winning “News For Kids” played in over 150 markets throughout the US. As a contributor to the OmniMusic Production Music Library his work has been heard in programs around the world, including the Late Show with David Letterman.

He was a contributing composer on Animal Planet’s “Breed All About It” series. He has scored two of Chrysler Corporation’s “Mission” films and one for Intelsat. He produced news and promotional music from 2002 until 2011 for the 28 station Hearst-Argyle Television Group and has received eight regional Emmys from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and a Silver Muse from the Promax association for broadcast professionals.  He has composed and produced two soundtracks for National Parks Service videos, including a score for the St. Croix Scenic National Riverway, and another for the Gulf Islands National Seashore.  He has created symphonic orchestrations for “Blue Steel,” an elite group within the Air Force Band, and his news themes for Hearst Television appeared in the movie, “Borat.”

Gilmer continues to work from Denver and is involved in album and show production, film and video scoring, performing, and presenting lectures and trainings on creativity, music production and music software.


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