The Right Music . . .


The Right Music can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the impact of your media presentation.  Whether TV, Radio, corporate video or the web, having the right music conveys emotion about the quality and appropriateness of your product or service for a target audience.  And it evokes emotional responses that prepare an audience to be receptive to your message.

Music can instantly showcase how successful and reliable your company is. You may offer services or products that add fun and excitement to life.  Or you may need to evoke caring and empathy because your offerings provide solutions to the needy, the elderly, or those with medical issues.  In both of these cases and countless others, the right music can be a big part of creating the desired response in an audience.

The Right Music is not just music that sounds good.  And it’s not a nondescript piece of production library music that may appear coupled with anyone else’s product or service – including your competitor’s.  It is music that was created for you with careful thought and research into the musical tastes of a targeted audience – based on proven analytical tools –  and a clear understanding of the goals of the message.  Add to that the talent and proven track record of an experienced, Emmy award winning composer/producer and a vast network of collaborators, including singers, musicians, recording engineers and other composers from across the country.  On a given day we might be recording a vocal group in Nashville, guitarists in Las Vegas, a bass player in San Francisco, or collaborating with another composer/producer in Toronto.  The result is music that draws on the finest talents available, is carefully crafted, fresh and exciting, that sells, and says that our client is a serious, big time contender in whatever their chosen arena happens to be.

And maybe most importantly, The Right Music – combined with great graphic treatments – can be an absolutely critical piece of your identity – your brand.  Some of the greatest campaigns of our time have had musical signatures that instantly evoke the product or service they were associated with, and those memories last a lifetime.  We have helped hundreds of clients, large and small, to create these kinds of identity statements. Let us do the same for you.

So yes.  We think it’s a big deal.  Isn’t it time that you had one of the most powerful marketing tools available working for you?

We’re ready to help – just give us a call at 303-649-1830. 


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